Friday, April 27, 2012

Beach Moments

Amidst the craziness that we call our life, Brian was able to take a quick little break from our never-ending-house-projects and walk down to the beach with me and the Bean.  We didn't have long, and the wind decided to pick up right when we got there, but it was nice none-the-less.

Nella is into attacking anything she can get her hands on, so when we take pictures she automatically lunges for the in point....

The Bean. Trying to attack the iPhone.

A friend pointed out that she looks like she's paddling in this next photo....haha, I love it!  Never to early to start practicing :-)  Doesn't she look super stoked to be at the beach?  Atta girl!

Super stoked to be at the beach!

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The Furtados said...

Would it be weird if I said that i want her to come have a sleepover so I can cuddle her all night long? Perhaps I should just have another baby for myself...